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  • Molly Secours

It's Time to Trust. Ourselves.

Maya Angelou says: "when a man tells you who he is, believe him".

With every word our beloved poet was urging us to trust ourselves.

I've heard some crazy stuff in the last 48 hours. To some I've reacted rather than responded and lament that I am not my calmest self. Like many, I've felt sick, sleepless and unsettled. Not because Hillary Clinton lost but because of what it means.

I've heard shrieks of disbelief from those who spent the last 8 years calling President Barack Obama unthinkable names (I won't repeat) who are now apoplectic and insulted when they read a direct (exact) quote from their candidate.

But I do believe Donald Trump is telling the Truth.

I believe from his actions what he says about women.

I believe he believes what he says about Muslims.

I believe from his alliances what he says about black people, and immigrants and those who are vulnerable.

So when you tell me it is time to trust, I agree.

I trust this is not the time to be lulled to sleep or seduced by complacency.

I trust what history and our ancestors have taught us about good people doing nothing.

I Trust the regrets of our neighbors all around the world, in Europe (and particularly Germany) who lament not doing more because they were afraid and it felt better to ignore the unthinkable.

Maya Angelou's words are prescient and I trust that we must always believe when a man tells us who he is. I believe him and so should we all.

I believe in Donald Trump's transparency and that he means to do and accomplish exactly and everything he says.

And I believe we must not 'give him a chance' to accomplish that.

Put on your Pant suits. Hug your loved ones. Pray. March. Write. Speak. Check in on your neighbors--especially those who are vulnerable. And be mindful of what others need. Respectfully disagree with your families and friends or those whose opinions and viewpoints differ.

But lets never ever Ever go to sleep and do nothing.

Molly Secours is a writer/filmmaker/speaker and no longer goes by the name "Pollyanna"

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