Molly can’t recall when the writing started. Only that writing saved her sanity numerous times before age 15. In 1986, after seeing Reds, by Warren Beatty, she wrote her first political letter requesting chemical companies re-evaluate paint ingredients to save the environment. Writing corporate letters led to op-ed pieces about the death penalty, suicide and racism. Op-ed letters led to guest editorials about juvenile justice and public transportation.  Essays led to journal contributions about disenfranchised youth in juvenile justice. Journals led to national columns and chapters in books about Reparations for the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. 


For Molly, writing is action.

Huffington Post:

Nashville: Not just Flooded with Water; But Civil Rights Memories


Nashville Youth take to the strees for Historic MLK March


When a Bad White People Day is Just Another Tuesday


Grief Beneath The Grievance: Politics, Cancer and the Night Before Chemo


White Washing & Dressing Up History


Horsing Around with Gangs: Horse Whisperer Meets Gang Advocate


Think Public Transportation Isn’t a Social Justice Issue? Think Again.


Doug Jones + NAACP = 100 Black Women


Getting Lost in the Neighborhood of Race


Knock Knock: Who’s There?


Why is your Name on this Bill? Open Letter to Lindsey Graham. 


Disposable Children: Nashville Teen Faces Life In Prison


Fear and Loathing in Tennessee


Huffington Post author page: https://www.huffpost.com/author/molly-secours


Nashville Arts Magazine

“Under the Radar” a column by Molly Secours:


Reverend Sonny Dixon

The Last Adios For Two Amigos 


Ndume Olatushani


James Threalkill


Louisville Education Journal:


Minority and Disenfranchised Youth in Juvenile Justice

Nashville Scene

“Vodka Yonic” by Molly Secours:

Words like ‘winner’ and ‘loser are inadequate to the experience of cancer


Why is Beth Harwell so against alleviating the suffering of sick people?


Znet Magazine:


Here Comes The Neighborhood: Anytown USA


Where are the Voices of Reason and Dissent?


Sentencing Disparity


I Am George Bush


Minimum Wage Yields Minimum Coverage: Connecting The Election Dots


Gay Marriages: Weddings of Mass Destruction?


Red, White, Black & Blue


Car Shopping, Horse-trading and White House Hustling


Easy To Kill Those Who are “Not One of Us”

Angry White Men and the Affirmative Action Debate

Znet Magazine author page: https://zcomm.org/author/mollysecours/





By Tim Wise & Molly Secours: Is Personal Responsibility a One-Way Street

The Black Commentator:

Let’s Just Get Over It—Being Racist That is… Part 1


Let’s Just Get Over It—… Diagnosing Whiteness:  Part 2


Let’s Just Get Over It—Oops We did it Again. Part 3


Let’s Just Get Over It—Defining Racism & Explaining it away Part 4 

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