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About Molly Secours

Molly Secours is an author/filmmaker/speaker who has used her voice to effect social change and public policy as an artist and activist for two decades. In her recent book, White Privilege Pop Quiz: Reflecting on Whiteness, Secours urges readers to unearth their deeply embedded and unexamined biases about race,  privilege and Whiteness with compassion and humor.

Currently, Secours is ensconced in a passionate romance with baseball. Her latest film Scouting For Diamonds:The Invisible Heroes Of Baseball is a feature documentary, which explores the never before told love story between Scouts and baseball. The film features Hall Of Famers Wade Boggs, Willie Mays, George Brett and dozens of legendary players and scouts along with narrator  and Co-Producers actor/comedian Bill Murray  and brother, Brian Doyle Murray. Film to slated for completion Fall 2021.

Scouting for Diamonds trailer.


WSMV News Story.

As someone who faced late stage cancer, Secours also speaks about her adventure with a Stage IV diagnosis and draws parallels between facing a life threatening illness and addressing cultural issues at the root of racism, poverty and addiction. In her 2010 TED Talk, The Upside of Cancer Secours shares her personal challenge and how it impacted her commitment to peaceful change.


To date, Secours has produced over 60 films and videos about disparities in education, criminal justice and healthcare. She has garnered praise from key Washington officials--including the late Sen. Edward Kennedy--for a short documentary called Faces of Tenncare which explored the fates of 200,000 people after losing health care coverage and In 2008 was asked to appear at a D.C. press conference with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to urge congressional votes in favor of “Obama-Care”.


After being an NGO presenter at the United Nations in Santiago Chile & Geneva Switzerland, Secours covered the World Conference Against Racism as a journalist in Durban South Africa.  A former Huffington Post contributor, her writings appear in numerous publications and she has appeared on national talk show including CNN's Paul Zahn “Now” with Roland Martin, to discuss racial bias and segregation.


In 2013 Secours founded Lasting Legacies Video, a documentary film company that focuses the camera on 'everyday people with extraordinary life stories.'

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