In 2001 Molly was voted one of “Nashville's most influential public intellectuals” by Nashville Scene Magazine and has been a vocal presence in her community and a voice on the national stage for 20 years.  She uses her skills as a writer and orator to initiate conversations on whiteness and privilege, education, healthcare, and criminal justice.  Secours challenges audiences to consider internalized biases regarding racism, sexism and religious bigotry and as a stage IV cancer survivor, Secours addresses the need for collective healing and in Upside Of Cancer, she asks audiences to entertain the question: "what’s the grief beneath the grievance?”


For Molly speaking truth to power is essential. 


What Schools are Saying:

"Ms. Secours just spoke on our campus last week. She did an excellent job of framing the discussion of privilege along lines of race. Her personal stories and experiences were profound and dynamic leaving what I believe to have been a significant impact on a number of our students in attendance. I strongly recommend her to other campuses."


Amer Ahmed
Director of Multicultural Affairs
Concordia College

"I found Molly to be very insightful and thought provoking. I still have students who attended the event coming to my office and/or stopping me to comment on how much Molly made them think about Race and Racism. Molly’s presentation was very accessible to students and that was a very important component. I also enjoyed her personality and the ease with which she approached and communicated with people. It was a delight having her on campus. I plan to call her before the end of the week to check in."

Moise St. Louis, PhD
Asst. Dean of Students
St. Michael’s College

"Molly was incredible – as everyone that saw her told me. She was reasonable and powerful and we are thrilled to have had her here. It was an incredibly stress-free event to plan, and I wanted to thank you for your patience with this overextended student. I’ll be sure to pass on your and Molly’s information to whomever works on my commission next year."

Matt H
Chair, Student Assembly
University of Michigan / Ann Arbor

"Molly’s program went very well. I personally enjoyed her talk and from what I have heard many of our students did as well. Molly connected with the audience in a way that was engaging and kept students attention. It truly was a worthwhile program for our college and student body. I hope Molly enjoyed her time at Augustana as well and we will definitely be looking into bringing Molly’s program back in future years."

John B.
Augustana, IL

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Executive Speakers Bureau
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