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"I don’t care if you voted for Obama in ’08, everyone, especially White people, need to study The White Privilege Pop Quiz. It is virtually impossible to read this book and wrestle with the questions without thinking deeply about how racism—hidden in plain sight—continues to produce inequality, weaken our democracy, and warp our spirit.

"And if you believe the issue of racial privilege is obsolete because we now live in a color-blind society, Molly Secours’s wry and brilliant insights will demolish all such illusions."


Robin D. G. Kelley, Author
Author of Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original and Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination

"One reason for the perpetual postponement of America's conversation about race is that it is such a bewildering subject for one side in the talk--the White side.

"Molly Secours’ questionnaire is a clever way to ease all Americans into a place where they can think about race and finally have that conversation. And if that makes her book sound earnest, it’s not. It's witty, as well.”


Michael Goldfarb, Author, Journalist and Broadcaster.
NPR, The Guardian, The New York Times and The Washington Post
Author of Emancipation: How Liberating Europe's Jews From the Ghetto Led to Revolution and Renaissance





"It takes a very brave fish to point out that the water is not what it's made out to be. Molly Secours is that fish. With the simplicity of a pop quiz, quiet privilege becomes a loud declaration that it's time for real change - not a slogan, but a complete overhaul of our color-coded world."

Peter Buffett, American musician, composer, author, producer, and second son of investor Warren Buffett.

“With humility and humor, Molly shares her personal awakening to the subtle (and not so subtle) realities of privilege enjoyed by White people in America. In the process, her book gently opened my eyes to mine...one loving, but searing question at a time.”

Hal Cato, CEO Thistle Farms, Former Director, Oasis Center, Nashville, TN

“As a Black female and the only elected Black Juvenile Court Judge in Tennessee, I am reminded daily of my race. Reading Molly Secours’ White Privilege Pop Quiz, gave me so many ah-ha moments. Molly was able to artfully write about so many of the things I have felt all of my life.

The quiz was done in a way which isn’t an in your face” forceful method of facing white privilege and racism. Instead, she offers a different perspective on how someone can truly think about whiteness and the privileges which naturally come with it. It is such a powerful book and an inspiration for all. It is a must read, a must think, and a must answer type of book. In the end, I hope everyone can come to grips with the question of whether you would choose to wake up as another race, think about the answer, and thank Molly for explaining privilege in a lens outside of racism.”


Sheila D. J. Calloway, Juvenile Court Judge, Davidson County, Nashville, TN

"White Privilege Pop Quiz is a short book with long reach. Its ideas will go deep into your being, grab your heart, and open it. The result, in most cases, will be the emergence of empathy. When it comes to race, we humans are divided by handed down beliefs, fears and ignorance. This book builds a bridge that we can walk across to understand each other in a new, deeper way. We are also in an empathy crisis, fueled by social media, fake news, and politics. A book like this, that builds empathy, is exactly what we need right now. I love it and highly recommend it.”


Mary Gauthier, Grammy Nominated American folk singer-songwriter

“Reading Molly Secours’s book was my most harrowing look in the mirror, and I’m a better person for having taken it. Like a workout for the soul. With Molly as a guide, internal exploration leads to empathy, understanding, and greater humanity. I hated pop quizzes until now.”

Peter Cooper, Nashville, TN Singer-songwriter, writer-editor at Country Music Hall Of Fame

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