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  • Molly Secours

Being Defiant: The Shortest Blog You'll read today.

So here's the deal. Remember when the Nashville Tomato Arts Festival was the best kept secret on the mid-South East Coast and attended by only the 'cool-hunters' who ventured across the Shelby Bridge before tens of thousands began attending?

Well tomorrow, Friday August 19th & Saturday August 20th you will have an opportunity to be in on something that will be remembered that way for years to come. It's called the Defy Film Festival.

What is the Defy Film Festival? It's a two-day film festival featuring 57 films in East Nashville which will bring filmmakers and fans together for a creative experience that connects people with art that will surprise and move them.

What it's not: It ain't about comedies, dramas, documentaries; it’s about the film– not the genre. Simply put, audiences can expect features and shorts that defy standards and expectations.

So just like they say on the website: It's is disruptive. It’s inspiring. It’s curating films for audiences that resist traditional processes to elevate experimentation and create conversations.

Support the talented and leading edge filmmaker/founders Dycee Wildman and Billy Senese, expand your mind and they don't care if you brag to your friends that you were defiant before it was cool.

Visit website for details. Defy Film Festival.

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