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  • Molly Secours

Take A Republican To Lunch--Seriously

The recent political circus (masquerading as a presidential primary) has resulted in a Republican candidate that baffles and terrifies most of the entire world (except perhaps Russia) and a Democratic candidate who is technically one of the most qualified of any candidate before her--and yet the most vilified.

If you’re a liberal, progressive or independent, pick up the phone and call, text or email a thoughtful, intelligent Republican and invite them to lunch. Yes, I said intelligent and thoughtful folks who are looking on in mutual disbelief (and horror) at the turn of events. Those Republicans who are confounded, dismayed and grieving the loss of a party that has all but imploded before their very eyes. There are hundreds of thousands—if not millions--of Republicans in mourning. I know they exist. I am related to them.

Invite them to lunch. If they are drinkers, by all means offer them a glass a wine to ease the atmosphere but most importantly, offer them a listening ear. Let them vent and lament the unraveling of their beloved party. Let them rail and bemoan the fact that their party was hijacked—if not spontaneously combusted—over the last decade. Let them share their misgivings about Hillary (which you may or may not share) and much like a grieving widow, let them mourn the death of the Grand Ole Party.

Grief counselors encourage talk therapy for those experiencing deep and painful loss. Many Republicans are in that grief process now. They know they must start over and aren’t ready to commit to someone else but they don’t need to feel further defeated and shamed by their bereft isolation.

Republicans don’t have to become Democrats or liberals to vote against fascism. They don’t have to dispose of their principles or conservative values and their faith to reassure that America doesn’t slide further into extremism and division. In fact, it’s the opposite. It is their ‘values’ that are desperately needed--now more than ever--to make sure that a Trump presidency is not a horrific, embarrassing, regretful and shameful chapter in our history.

What if we allowed Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy to serve as the single most unifying force in American History for cementing relationships between conservatives and liberals? Now that would be an American thing to do.

So, get out that credit card and make that call!

Molly Secours is a writer/filmmaker/speaker who is currently making a feature documentary called Scouting For Diamonds co-produced and narrated by Bill Murray.

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