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Laudation for Molly Secours

Ellis Cose: Contributing Editor Newsweek Magazine and author of Bone to Pick and Envy of the World

"Molly Secours is a brilliant speaker and pamphleteer whose eloquence makes her a powerful spokesperson for progressive American values. Hers is a voice of righteous reason, speaking truths that are difficult to hear for those who find solace in self-deception."

John Seigenthaler: Chair Founder and President, Vanderbilt University First Amendment Center

"More and more I find young people both unaware and uncaring about the history of our racist culture and its contemporary implications. How refreshing it is to have Molly Secours both aware and caring, writing and speaking with authority and passion about a shameful past that must not be forgotten."

Robin D. G. Kelley: author and Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California

“Molly Secours practices the best kind of identity politics — the kind that puts a premium on 'politics' and recognizes that our identities are not birthrights but the positions we choose to take. Molly’s identity is clear and unambiguous.”

H. Jackson Forstman: Dean, Emeritus and Finney Professor, Emeritus The Divinity School Vanderbilt University

"Molly Secours is the finest public speaker I have heard in ages. She has a fine command of language and an engaging presence. Truly a 'rara avis."

Michael Hart: Chair, TEDxNashville Speaker Committee

"As a speaker at TEDxNashville 2010, Molly Secours shared an extraordinary story of transformation during a recent battle with cancer. She was extremely courageous, inspiring, eloquent, powerful and insightful...a brilliant, mesmerizing speaker."

Dr. Ray Winbush: author and director of urban research, Morgan State University

"Molly Secours brings to the table a sense of knowledge and compassion on the issue of racism and justice that is so lacking in what we hear from typical 'diversity training' speakers. You simply must hear her."

Victor Lee Lewis: Diversity Trainer, Center For Diversity Leadership

“Molly Secours is a prophetic voice for our time. “Molly Secours not only talks the talk, she also walks the walk!"

Tim Wise: anti-racism author and lecturer

“Molly Secours is an uncompromising fighter for racial equity and social justice." the type of person who is in too short a supply nowadays, but who we need more of. Her writing and speaking styles blend humor and passion in a way that few can match, and her ability to get white folks to examine our own internalized racism is second-to-none.”

David Wood: Professor of Philosophy, Vanderbilt University and organizer, Vanderbilt Forum for Peace

“Molly was one of the first speakers at our big Nashville peace rally. She was eloquent, passionate, moving and very well-informed. After she had spoken everything changed. Before, we knew we had a cause; afterwards we knew we had an unanswerable case. Molly Secours was the difference. She has incredible presence and conviction -- a great speaker.”

R. Reese Fuller: Senior Writer, The Times of Acadiana, Lafayette, Louisiana

“Too few people see injustice for what it really is, and even fewer can put it into words. Molly Secours does both. And her passion for her vision makes others begin to see with their own eyes, their own consciences and their own hearts.”

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