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Molly’s film career began unexpectedly in the mid 90’s while teaching life-skills to incarcerated youth in a Nashville juvenile prison. Molly discovered youth behind bars craved an identity that extended beyond the crimes they had committed. Partnering with Oasis Center Inc, George Soros Open Society Inst. & Nashville Independent Film festival, Secours founded a program called “Youth Voice Through Video” wherein at-risk youth were encouraged to write narratives of lives defying limitation. Molly’s efforts with youth led to advocacy pieces on healthcare, death penalty, education,  PSA's, music videos and eventually feature documentaries. With a clear voice and a loaded camera, she inspires storytelling in everyone she meets.




In 2001 Molly was voted one of “Nashville's most influential public intellectuals” by Nashville Scene Magazine and has been a vocal presence in her community and a voice on the national stage for 15 years. She uses her skills as a writer and orator to initiate conversations on whiteness and privilege, education, healthcare, and criminal justice.  Secours challenges audiences to consider internalized biases regarding racism, sexism and religious bigotry and as a stage IV cancer survivor, Secours addresses the need for collective healing and in  Upside of Cancer she asks audiences to entertain the question: "what’s the grief beneath the grievance?"

Molly can’t recall when the writing started. Only that writing saved her sanity numerous times before age 15. In 1986, after seeing Reds, by Warren Beatty, she wrote her first political letter requesting chemical companies re-evaluate paint ingredients to save the environment. Writing corporate letters led to op-ed pieces about the death penalty, suicide and racism. Op-ed letters led to guest editorials about juvenile justice and public transportation. Essays led to Journal contributions about disenfranchised youth in juvenile justice. Journals led to national columns and chapters in books about Reparations for the Slave Trade. For Molly writing is action.

About Me


Molly Secours is a writer/filmmaker/speaker who is currently directing and co-producing a feature documentary film with actor, Bill Murray and Hall Of Famer, Wade Boggs titled “Scouting For Diamonds:The Invisible Heroes Of Baseball” and is in the midst of a fundraising campaign to complete the film. To view trailer click here. 

To watch WSMV Channel 4 story by Terry Bulger click here


Although currently ensconced in a passionate 'romance' with baseball, historically, Secours has used her artistic talents to effect social change and public policy. As an artist, activist she urges audiences to unearth their deepest biases and as someone who faced late stage cancer, Secours draws parallels between facing a life threatening illness and addressing cultural issues at the root of mental illnesses, poverty and addiction. In her 2010 TED Talk, The Upside of Cancer Secours shares her personal challenge and how it impacted her commitment to peaceful change.


To date, Secours has produced over 60 films and videos about disparities in education, criminal justice and healthcare. She has garnered praise from key Washington officials--including the late Sen. Edward Kennedy--for a short documentary called Faces of Tenncare which explored the fates of 200,000 people after losing health care coverage and In 2008 was asked to appear at a D.C. press conference with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to urge congressional votes in favor of “Obama-Care”.


After being an NGO presenter at the United Nations in Santiago Chile & Geneva Switzerland, Secours covered the World Conference Against Racism as a journalist in Durban South Africa.  A former Huffington Post contributor, her writings appear in numerous publications and she has appeared on national talk show including CNN's Paul Zahn “Now” with Roland Martin, to discuss racial bias and segregation.


In 2013 Secours founded Lasting Legacies Video, a documentary film company that focuses the camera on 'everyday people with extraordinary life stories.'



Lasting Legacies

Lasting Legacies Video (LLV) are experienced documentarians and composers who capture and preserve personal and professional legacies. With over 30 years experience LLV is dedicated to immortalizing memories, accomplishments and the extraordinary lives of everyday people. LLV writes, directs and edits personal narratives worthy of being treasured and preserved for generations.Learn More About Lasting Legacies 

Selected Work

Arts and Activism

Secours offers a workshop series that explores the power of art and activism and how anyone with a passion, a hobby and a desire to make a difference can impact their very own communities.  Using several short videos Secours produced as an example, she demonstrates that art plus heart=power. Learn More About Arts and Activism 

The White Privilege Pop Quiz

This quiz was written in Nov. 2011 just two months before Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African American was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, in Sanford, Florida. Within several months after being posted on Secours website over nearly 100,000 people had taken the quiz. Take The White Privilege Pop Quiz →

A Few Writing Selections

Molly is a regular guest contributor of Nashville Arts Magazine and her essay, "A Teen Facing Life: Thoughts on Cyntoia Brown and Her Story" was featured on the PBS website. Molly recently wrote about health challenges in a Nashville Scene article: "Words like 'winner' and loser' are inadequate to the experience of cancer." See more writing on Molly's blog


Molly engages audiences on a variety of topics. Her most popular programs include White Privilege Pop Quiz, Surviving and Thriving, and Tip-Toeing Around Diversity. With humor and compassion Molly deftly navigates difficult conversations and engages audiences to delve deeper. Find information about booking Molly →

TED Talk

As a speaker at TEDxNashville, Molly gave an extraordinary talk called "The Upside of Cancer" where she shared insights gained while battling stage IV uterine cancer. In addition to facing a terrifying diagnosis Molly divulges the physical, emotional and spiritual transformation that occurred unexpectedly as a result. Watch Molly Secour's TED Talk 

Selected Videos

House of Alchemy Trailer


Imagine if the worst thing that ever happened to you became the very thing that informed your life's work. House Of Alchemy is a documentary style TV series by Molly Secours & Mike Lacy

Frist Center for Visual Arts


In the late 1990's Dr. Thomas Frist, Jr., proposed transforming the old Nashville post office into a visual arts center and by 2001 the Frist Center For The Visual Arts opened it's doors. This Lasting Legacies Video tells the story.  

Two Kings Music Video


Written by Pam Tillis & Brenda O'Brien. A music tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King and Elvis Presley. Performed by Memphis native Kris Thomas and Country legend, Pam Tillis & Staxx Youth Choir.

Welcome to My Hood


A co-production with four youth involved in juvenile justice who invite us into their homes. Viewers gain a glimpse into the daily challenges their families face and the issues that shape their lives--and ours.

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