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White Privilege Pop Quiz #1 on Parnassus Books Best Seller List Two Weeks Before Official Release

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

White Privilege Pop Quiz: Reflecting on Whiteness is a labor of love and two decades worth of observations about Whiteness.

Without a publisher, a PR firm or any marketing, White Privilege Pop Quiz has been listed #1 on Parnassus Books Best Seller List for the past two weeks--before the December 2nd official release date. Parnassus is the beloved independent book shop owned by novelist Ann Patchett in Nashville TN.

In the last several weeks numerous people have asked why I wrote the book.

After Trayvon Martin was murdered in 2012, I started musing on all the things White folks don't think about. All the notions about what Whiteness means and I realized that the sad truth is, we rarely think about it.

Many of us think about Black poverty but not about White wealth--as if there is no correlation. We let the words "Black on Black crime" roll off our tongues without acknowledging that White on White crime is far more common.

Click here to listen to the Dec 2nd, Parnassus Books Facebook Live World Wide Book Launch conversation with Molly Secours and Producer/Journalist La Tonya Turner, from WNPT Nashville Public Television to discuss White Privilege Pop Quiz.


Renowned Nashville Writer Tests Readers With Poignant, Easy to Answer Questions to Further Racial Conversations

NASHVILLE, TENN.--Molly Secours, an esteemed filmmaker, writer and public speaker based in Nashville, Tenn., has been a voice for social change for much of her adult life. She has produced more than 60 films and videos about disparities in education, criminal justice and healthcare.

Yet perhaps her greatest contribution to America comes in the form of her newly-authored book entitled White Privilege Pop Quiz, a poignant, 130-page work that urges audiences to unearth their deepest biases by simply taking a quiz that reveals “White Privilege”--a term that has been thrust into the country’s consciousness due to the Black Lives Matter movement and recent social protests through the United States.

The book is published by Dark Horse Books ($15.99, Nashville, Tenn.) and is available nationwide where all books are sold and at

“This book is not something you should read if you just want to appear ‘woke’ as the young people say,” said Nontombi Naomi Tutu, author/activist and daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. “If that is your aim, put it down right now. However, if you are really interested in learning how we got here, why we stay here and how we can all make it out of this system alive, this is the book for you. So get ready to be challenged, educated and inspired to make a stand against White privilege and racism.”

For over 20 years, Secours has been urging audiences to look in the mirror.

White Privilege Pop Quiz consists of questions and revelations that help set a context for discussing the term White Privilege.

Each chapter of the book begins with a multiple-choice question meant to reveal, inform and inspire more questions about Whiteness and the system invented to promote Whiteness than you have ever entertained before. The hope is that perhaps the quiz will point readers in a new direction ---to think more deeply and behave more consciously.

“Unlike a pop quiz at school, there are no wrong answers, only truthful ones,” stressed Secours, a Tedx speaker.

For more information including additional praise of Secours book, visit

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